Why Choose Us

Our proprietary method of baking and conscious choice of organic natural ingredients are beneficial to good health.

healthy cupcakes

Minimally Processed

No large machinery mixes and mashes the ingredients in Way Beyond Cake cookies and bars. Nutrients are lost when huge co-packing companies make large batches on even larger machines.

No Need To Fortify

Since Way Beyond Cake cookies and bars are minimally processed, we don’t lose nutrients in our batch made products. This is why vitamins and minerals are added back into processed foods, they need to make up for the loss of nutrients! Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help keep the blood vessels of the brain clear of blockages and allow nerve cells to function at a high levels.

Clean Non-Allergenic Ingredients

Chef Linda chooses the best, ethically-sourced ingredients to provide clean snack foods for a healthier lifestyle. As a family oriented business, we choose the wholesome foods we want to eat and to feed our family. The Bakery is Free of Allergens. (peanuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish). Any products containing peanuts are produced in a separate facility.

Good Carbohydrates

Food has calories, calories give you energy. Way Beyond Cake’s bars and cookies are complex carbohydrates with good fiber content. Complex carbohydrates slow down the absorption of nutrients and prevent blood sugar from crashing.

Grab and Go!

Way Beyond Cake sells bars and cookies in packs of 12, but each treat is individually wrapped for optimal portability. Take one everywhere in a purse, briefcase, back pack or gym bag.  Fuel up on the go with a perfectly portable bar or cookie.

Made With Love… and Necessity

We have a passion and commitment to provide delicious, plant based products for you. Many of us also follow a vegan diet for a variety of health reasons and we like good tasting food too!

Corporate Events

We provide freshly baked desserts for a variety of corporate functions, from breakfast meetings and afternoon coffee breaks to birthday celebrations and employee recognition events. We offer a broad range of catering packages perfect for events big and small. Our team can also work with you to create custom cupcakes and cakes with your company's logo, individually boxed cupcakes with a custom tag or sticker, cookie packages with your company's marketing message and much more.

Weddings and Special Events

All special occasion orders, please allow 24 hours to 48 hours could be less depending on desired decorations. Special Occasion orders are available in all the flavors below. We can do special request like S’Mores, peppermint, coffee, espresso, tiramisu (all vegan and gluten free)