Gluten-Free Vegan Bakery

A delicious, healthy alternative to commercially mass-produced products. And without the guilt! Made with natural gluten free whole grain oats & natural unsulfured dried fruit. Handcrafted with Linda's proprietary method. Baking with uncompromising recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Baked fresh daily

Eat smart and bring a few Way Beyond Cake treats to share with friends! We recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle for robust physical and mental health. We bake cakes for kids and other events too! Our Prices are simply affordable… Go Ahead Indulge!

Event Catering

All special occasion orders, please allow 24 hours to 48 hours could be less depending on desired decorations. Special Occasion orders are available in all the flavors below. We can do special request like S’Mores, peppermint, coffee, espresso, tiramisu (all vegan and gluten free)


Way Beyond Cakes recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle for robust physical and mental health. Our vegan protein bars and cookies offer smart nutrition with clean, plant-based ingredients that are delicious and packaged for your grab-and-go lifestyle. Eat smart and bring a Way Beyond Cakes treats to share with friends!

Chef Linda sadly announcing that
we will Close the Front Store by May 31!

Chef Linda is very appreciative of your support and business, and we value your time and support!

We will accept text orders only and offers FREE delivery in Lakewood and Long Beach .

Call or Text Message to Place an Order, today!

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We Will Relocate in 2022, in Long Beach

6 Key Facts About Our Healthy Snacks

1. Fresh

Our bars are created and crafted 3x a week in small batches.

2. Healthy

Of course. These bars are scientifically meant to provide all the high nutrient ingredients that your body needs.

3. Organic

Way Beyond Cake uses 70% organic ingredients and source them responsibly. Our Founder would not settle for less.

health benefits

4. Nutrition

The original Way Beyond Cake bars were created with clean, plant based ingredients such as whole grains, rich-in-protein bean flours and all natural sweeteners. We leave out the nasty ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, insulin, and sugar alcohols.

5. Certified

99% of our ingredients are not at risk of GMO. Way Beyond Cake uses Bob’s Red Mill certified gluten free products.

6. Ethical

Way Beyond Cake strives to work with the best suppliers in the country. Linda Ikeda is a member of the Specialty Food Association and stays up to date on the latest developments in food ethics. She works with certified food suppliers & the Fair Trade Organization.

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